About Us

We, Konnecting Pvt. Ltd. were formed in 2012 as An Executive Search Firm to empower the Sri Lankan business environments specially, supplying the skilled human talents and being the best information center in different field of services.

We passionately believe that each and every company has different requirements therefore we initially engage with them as a recruitment agency and accelerating to facilitate with different more other services aligning with overall objectives by adding values to each and every organization in the country.

Our Recruitment staff is well trained by professionally qualified experts in various fields and our effort is to provide dynamic, qualified and experienced professionals to our valued clients in their chase for searching the best and the most capable persons available in need.

Our Mission

To provide the most efficient & effective career consultancy, business consultancy, community services which are the contemporary requirement of Sri Lankan economic system, business community in the field of Professional Education & Employment, Marketing & Management, HR & IT, Taxation & Accounting, Finance & Administration.

Main Objective

To distinguish the issues faced by Sri Lankan career seekers, entrepreneurs, enterprisers & sensitively identifying the potentials they are already with & analyzing them by providing appropriate long term permanent solutions in order to facilitate them positively, qualitatively & spiritually in terms of their work life balance, business development to achieve the future goals & objectives.


Do You Have Any Queries?

In case you need any clarifications or have any queries, please do write to us or call us on:

Call: +94 777 823 538